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It is Emirate vs Islamic Republic in Afghanistan (Column: Spy's Eye)
The return of Islamic Emirate in Kabul on August 15 this year, and what is happening in Afghanistan since then, must draw attention to December 1996 when with the full support of Pakistan, Taliban had first captured Kabul, established the Afghan Emirate under Mullah Omar and issued a five-point directive ordering strict enforcement of Islamic laws, creation of 'religious police', women to stay at home, closure of all video and private media, and even led people to pray on the highways.
Category: International, United States,National,Opinion/Commentary
Year end and expiry to see markets more circumspect
The week gone by made us realise the vulnerability that affects our markets. Friday, from the previous week and continuing into Monday, the first day of the current week, rattled markets and virtually knocked them off their feet. The fact that they managed to recover all of these losses and manage to close with a small gain for the week speaks well of the markets but still underscores the fact that it has a soft belly and remains vulnerable. BSE SENSEX gained 112.57 points or 0.20 per cent to close at 57,124.31 points while NIFTY gained 18.55 points or 0.11 per cent to close at 17,003.75 points. The broader markets saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 close on a mixed bag with BSE100 up 0.04 per cent while BSE200 and BSE500 lost 0.02 per cent and 0.04 per cent respectively. BSEMIDCAP was down 0.75 per cent while BSESMALLCAP lost 0.31 per cent.
Category: India, Maharashtra,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Naga peace talks, AFSPA: Is the ball finally in the court of the PM?
Things have perhaps started falling in their places. Have they?
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Imran Khan sheds crocodile tears at OIC
Imran Khan cannot make up his mind about the purpose of the recently held 17th Extraordinary Session of OIC held in Islamabad. During his address to the attendees, he said that it was a 'humanitarian duty' of the world that they help Afghanistan with aid, yet in his second breath he claimed that it was a 'religious duty' of Muslims to help Afghanistan.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary,Politics
The Controversial UK Nationality Bill (Opinion)
The controversial Nationality and Borders Bill was introduced by the ruling Conservative Party in the House of Commons on July 6, 2021. The Bill has now progressed to the House of Lords, and if passed it would impact the current UK immigration system as it relates to asylum seekers and refugees; and does this primarily by introducing a two-tier system for asylum-seekers arriving in the country, based on method of arrival.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary,Immigration/Law/Rights
Perfecting the instrument of analysis for security (Column: Spy's Eye)
In a world of behind the scene happenings, not only in the area of defence and security, but in the socio-political sphere as well, right observation and a competent examination of available information have become particularly important for framing an effective response.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Tough times ahead, trade cautiously
Markets were under downward pressure in the week gone by and lost on four of the five trading sessions. BSESENSEX lost 1,774.93 points, or 3.02 per cent, to close at 57,011.74 points, while NIFTY lost 526.10 points or 3.00 per cent to close at 16,985.20 points. The broader indices saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 lose 3.21 per cent, 3.22 per cent and 3.18 per cent, respectively. While BSEMIDCAP was down 4.53 per cent, BSESMALLCAP lost 2.75 per cent. In sectoral indices, just BSEIT and BSETECK saw upticks while everything else was down. The BFSI space was badly hit and many of the stocks in this sector suffered huge losses. The constitution of NIFTY is heavily skewed in favour of this sector and could weigh heavily in the coming week if markets and particularly the banking and NBFC space is under pressure.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Saudi ban on Tablighi Jamaat: A reality check
Recently most of the Indian newspapers and news channels in English, Hindi and Urdu carried a news story stating that the Saudi Arab has banned the Indian organisation Tablighi Jamaat from functioning in Saudi and carrying out its activities in the Kingdom.
Category: International, Ethiopia,National,Opinion/Commentary,Politics,Religion
Saudi ban on Tablighi Jamaat: A reality check
Recently most of the Indian newspapers and news channels in English, Hindi and Urdu carried a news story stating that the Saudi Arab has banned the Indian organisation Tablighi Jamaat from functioning in Saudi and carrying out its activities in the Kingdom.
Category: International, Ethiopia,National,Opinion/Commentary,Politics,Religion
Rosneft plays a key role in energy dialogue with India (Opinion)
New Delhi, Dec 14 (IANS) Russian energy company Rosneft is playing a pivotal role in the energy dialogue between Moscow and New Delhi, actively developing an integrated format of cooperation with Indian partners.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
The Summit for Democracy (Opinion)
A US sponsored two-day virtual democracy summit wrapped up last week. It was promised by President Joe Biden during his election campaign last year, as he wanted to show that the US has departed from the "America First philosophy of his predecessor Donald Trump and instead will focus on an event that was more about starting a global conversation about how best to halt backsliding than producing immediate results or expanding democracys reach.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary
The Summit for Democracy (Opinion)
A US sponsored two-day virtual democracy summit wrapped up last week. It was promised by President Joe Biden during his election campaign last year, as he wanted to show that the US has departed from the "America First philosophy of his predecessor Donald Trump and instead will focus on an event that was more about starting a global conversation about how best to halt backsliding than producing immediate results or expanding democracys reach.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary
Markets to consolidate amongst primary market focus
Markets were volatile to say the least in the week gone by and tested the patience and skill sets of traders and investors. While the week fortunately ended with gains it was not without hiccups and nervousness. The week ended with BSESENSEX gaining 1,090.21 points or 1.89 per cent to close at 58,786.67 points while NIFTY gained 314.60 points or 1.83 per cent to end at 17,511.30 points. Benchmark indices gained on two of the five sessions, were down on one and were virtually flat on the remaining two trading sessions. The broader markets saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 gain 1.80 per cent, 1.89 per cent and 1.98 per cent respectively. BSEMIDCAP gained 2.08 per cent while BSESMALLCAP gained 2.95 per cent.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Mon violence: BJP exploring replacing Home Minister Patton in Nagaland? (Opinion)
New Delhi, Dec 11 (IANS) Left red-faced by the gory episode in Nagaland wherein native Konyak tribesmen and poor mine workers were killed indiscriminately by the forces, the Centre is exploring certain knee-jerk actions politically.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary,Politics
Nothing is permanent except tears and fears (Opinion)
New Delhi, Dec 7 (IANS) Things have come a full circle yet again. What has changed between 1995 and 2021? Over 26 years.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Putin visiting India: Is it strategic balancing?
With heated exchanges between the US and Russia due to heavy concentration of troops in Ukraine border scheduled for talks between both, Russias growing dependency on China due to sanctions from West, and Indian tilt towards the US with inclusion in Quad, the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India on December 6, appears to be viewed differently by different world players. Even in domestic debates, the public anger due to Chinese intrusion in Ladakh and growing partnership of Russia and China, indicates that the visit is sensitive in context of international geopolitical scenario; hence will require a delicate strategic balancing including text of joint statement, if issued at the end of the visit. Notwithstanding the above, the visit is a scheduled 21st India-Russia Annual Summit, which couldnt take place earlier due to coronavirus pandemic, there are many justified reasons to continue with 'Indo-Soviet Friendship Treaty (1971)' matured into 'Strategic Partnership (2000)', which has stood the test of time till date, even during ongoing rough relations between China and India.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary
New US Defence Posturing (Opinion)
In the last week of November, the administration of US President Joe Biden released a Global Posture Review (GPR), to ensure the footprint of American service members worldwide is correctly sized and supports strategy. The Pentagon says that the review will help it "best allocate military forces in pursuit of our national interests" and it has sought to focus efforts on moving away from the Middle East and focusing on countering China.
Category: International, India,Opinion/Commentary
India and China in the emerging geopolitics (Column: Spy's Eye)
Advent of Biden Presidency with its resonating calls of 'America is back', 'we will repair our alliances' and 'will engage with the world once again' on one hand and the rise of President Xi Jinping with a stronger hold on China after the Plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of CPC, on the other, have got strategic analysts to examine if a new Cold War was already on the horizon.
Category: India, Maharashtra,National,Opinion/Commentary
Market recovery last week looks weak and fragile, be cautious
Markets in the week gone by continued to remain volatile and choppy. Though they managed some gains on a net basis the fact remained that they were under pressure and one saw them swinging in either direction. BSESENSEX gained 589.31 points or 1.03 per cent to close at 57,696.46 points while NIFTY gained 170.25 points or 1.00 per cent to close at 17,196.70 points. This should also be viewed in perspective that the losses in the previous week were as much as 4.24 per cent and 4.16 per cent.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Globally active China (opinion)
The aggressive and planned manner in which Chinese companies have forayed globally, poses a risk not just to the economic interests but also the defence interests of the collaborating and neighbour nations.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Security goes beyond deterrence of uniform (Column: Spy's Eye)
Whenever there is mention of a threat to national security, people think of our defence forces in their glorious battle dress -- protecting the country on our borders against external attacks and winning the war for us.
Category: India, Mizoram,National,Opinion/Commentary,Defence/Security
Markets not yet out of the woods, exercise caution
Markets in the week gone by began on an ominous note with sharp losses on the very first day of the week. They ended the week with even more ominous signs, losing 1.5 times more on Friday than what they lost on Monday, and leaving the world guessing what the new week would unfold for markets globally.
Category: India, Tamil Nadu,National,Opinion/Commentary
Cummins will make for an unbelievable captain: James Pattinson
Sydney, Nov 24 (IANS) Australian pacer Pat Cummins' former Test team-mate James Pattinson has said that the fast bowler would make for an "unbelievable" captain if he is given the opportunity to lead the side during the Ashes, beginning at the Gabba on December 8.
Category: International, Australia,Sports,Opinion/Commentary
Abrahamia: A new religion on the horizon? (Opinion)
News reports about a new religion to be implemented globally, has caused consternation amongst the people and also raised questions about its validity and designs behind it.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary,Religion
India's rise on the world horizon (Column: Spy's Eye)
In the narrow narrative of domestic politics - marked by minority versus majority controversy whipped up in the name of 'secularism', a distorted projection of the strong governance of Prime Minister Modi as a symbol of 'authoritarianism' and a deliberate attempt to misinterpret nationalism as the promotion of 'Hindutva', what stands out in bold relief is the rapid advance India has made internationally to get an unprecedented recognition from the world community as a major power influencing the issues of war and peace. This is a major development.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Expiry week will induce volatility and sharp movements (Market Watch)
The week gone by was a four-day week with Friday being a holiday. The week began on a positive note but that was all the positive news for the week. Markets lost ground on all the remaining three days. BSESENSEX ended the week with losses of 1,050.68 points or 1.73 per cent to close the week at 59,636.01 points. NIFTY lost 337.95 points or 1.87 per cent to close at 17,764.80 points. The broader indices saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 lose 1.74 per cent, 1.85 per cent and 1.81 per cent, respectively. BSEMIDCAP lost 1.71 per cent, while BSESMALLCAP lost 1.49 per cent.
Category: International, South Korea,National,Opinion/Commentary
Truth behind government's approach to Sikh religious affairs in Pak
Pakistan always tries to wash away its stigma of being a pro-terrorist country in the world community. The idea of opening the Kartarpur Corridor was also hatched to improve its image and mislead Sikhs around the world. But in reality, Pakistan holds a guileful attitude towards minorities. Despite its best efforts for progress and economic prosperity, the oppressive system/mindset has never been lenient for minorities. Hindus and Sikhs are infidels and persecution of infidels is like 'charity' for Islamic fundamentalists.
Category: India, New Delhi,Indo-Pak/Pakistan,Opinion/Commentary,Religion
Seeds of hope and trust: Here is how India can bend the arc of hunger, optopolitics in Afghanistan
New Delhi, Nov 17 (IANS) The title of this column today is inspired by the title of a piece that your author wrote way back in 2007, when the US-India civil nuclear deal was being negotiated. Therein I had argued that the US-India nuclear deal was not only about energy -- but that rather it was more a deal about "Atoms of Peace and Trust" between the United States and India.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Old foes poised against each other again (Opinion)
India and Pakistan are poised against each other, to play a more proactive and constructive role in Afghanistan's redevelopment, trying to negate each other's initiatives.
Category: International, Spain,Opinion/Commentary
Tinted analysis can not help the opposition (Column: Spy's Eye)
Some strategic experts known for their slant against the security policies of the Modi government have declared that the constitution of the State Investigation Agency in J&K to probe into terror-related cases, demonstrated the 'failure' of NIA in dealing with the problem of terrorism in Kashmir even after the governance of the border state had been taken over by the Centre by turning it into a Union Territory in August 2019. This off-the-cuff 'verdict' is as illogical as it is ill-informed and typically illustrates how tinted writings run down the government on every policy issue. They seek to provide an 'intellectual' route to politics by proxy. The critics would not say that the government did not make a serious effort to handle a national security issue but would raise the question as to why was the threat not eradicated totally at one go. Kashmir apart, this is what seemed to be the content of the critique on the handling of the Corona pandemic or the policy of working for economic recovery bottom up through the calls of 'vocal for local' and 'make in India'. Any advance of the secular policy of 'development for all' or a tough approach on national security matters, became problematic for the opposition if it did not fit in with its Minority politics, the handle often used by it against the Modi government. The Kashmir scenario can be examined in its broad spectrum in this context.
Category: International, Brazil,National,Opinion/Commentary
Uttar Pradesh on the cusp of economic transformation
Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest markets in the world, it has over 8 per cent of the nations purchasing power; it is blessed with variety of resources/ raw material, out of over 10 major lines of agri-production, the state ranks first in seven of them. Any production facility located in Uttar Pradesh has access to over 50 per cent of nations market (including neighbouring states). This should have made Uttar Pradesh one of the most blessed and fastest growing states of India. For long, Uttar Pradesh has strived to find a place of glory but in vain. Of late, however, a story of structural shift seems to be scripting itself. Its not merely about new found buoyancy; rather it is more about inherent resilience that is clearly discernible. Emerging scenario is fraught with possibilities and cannot be allowed to go unnoticed.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Markets to trade with a positive bias (Market Watch)
Markets behaved during the week gone by on expected lines. It was volatile and choppy and we saw gains on Monday and Friday. The remaining three days in between were days of correction with a mini sell-off on Thursday. At the end of the week, BSESENSEX gained 619.07 points or 1.03 per cent to close at 60,686.69 points, while NIFTY gained 185.95 points or 1.04 per cent to close at 18,102.75 points. The broader indices like the BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 saw them gain 1.26 per cent, 1.32 per cent and 1.33 per cent respectively. BSEMIDCAP gained 1.45 per cent and BSESMALLCAP gained 1.15 per cent, respectively.
Category: India, Maharashtra,National,Opinion/Commentary
The 'Good', the 'Bad' and the 'Deobandi' Taliban
While an effort to classify the Taliban into good and bad is rather easy, the underlying reasons to classify them as Deobandi becomes a little tough and illogical.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary
Markets to remain volatile and choppy (Market Watch)
Markets behaved in the short three-day week on expected lines. There was a dead cat bounce on the opening day with markets gaining ground quite sharply. They lost ground on the remaining two days thereafter. Thursday saw 'Muhurat trading begin for new Samvat 2078 on an auspicious note with markets gaining. At the end of the three-days and Muhurat trading, BSESENSEX gained 760.69 points or 1.28 per cent to close at 60,067.62 points. NIFTY gained 245.15 points or 1.39 per cent to close at 17,916.80 points. The broader markets saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 gain 1.60 per cent, 1.74 per cent and 1.91 per cent, respectively. BSEMIDCAP gained 2.83 per cent, while BSESMALLCAP fared even better gaining 3.28 per cent.
Category: International, United Arab Emirates,National,Opinion/Commentary
Diwali fest as a tool of 'Soft Power' (Comment)
The move by US lawmakers led by Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney from New York to get a new draft law that would declare Diwali as a federal holiday is a landmark event of our time.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Long term strategic interest demands US to revisit CAATSA (Opinion)
When former US President Donald Trump signed the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) in August 2017, a US Federal Law to impose sanctions on Iran, North Korea and Russia, he believed the legislation was "seriously flawed", notwithstanding the overwhelming majority with which it was passed by the House (419-3). At that time American's anger over Russia on Ukraine issue and allegations of meddling in US elections was such that no-one realised that it could create foreign policy dilemmas later. Recently two key Senators have urged President Joe Biden to waive possible sanctions against India for purchase of Russian S-400 to conserve important strategic partnership in the interest of national security of US.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary
TLP is not about the sanctity of Islam (Opinion)
The Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistans (TLP) long march to Islamabad had camped at Wazirabad for four days before it finally reached an agreement with the government on October 31.
Category: International, India,Indo-Pak/Pakistan,Opinion/Commentary
Diwali resolution we need in Covid times for a breathable future
The much-awaited festival of lights stands at our threshold -- the harbinger of peace and prosperity. With the economy coming back on track after the jolt suffered on account of the lockdown during the pandemic, spirits are rising, as they should.
Category: International, United States,National,Environment/Wildlife,Health/Medicine,Human Interest/Society,Opinion/Commentary,Science/Tech
When you (and everyone else) expect interest rates to rise
The last few weeks have been notable from a global rates environment standpoint, particularly in developed markets. Markets across many such geographies have brought forward their expectations for interest rate hikes, as unprecedented supply side shortages (including energy shocks) meet equally unprecedented fiscal stimuli in some of these economies, thereby challenging the 'transitory' narrative on inflation. Developed markets, at least in the near term, are facing the kind of inflation one normally associates with their developing counterparts. Front end rates, which are most susceptible to interest rate hike expectations, have risen sharply in many geographies over the past month; more than doubling in some cases over this relatively brief span.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
US expects no terrorism from Afghanistan but Russia, China, Iran do (Comment)
Terrorists cannot be trained with the fanciest weapons, pillowed with cash, drugged for violent killing and, after the assignment, expected to resume their lives as tax paying citizens. They have mutated into a different kind of life.
Category: India, Uttar Pradesh,National,Opinion/Commentary
Social Media: A saviour or a predator? (Opinion)
The details published by The Washington Post of a misinformation campaign pursued by Facebook against the Covid-19 vaccine, also outlines other irregularities committed by the tech giant. A consortium of media organisations, including The Washington Post, reviewed the information, which was disclosed by the lawyers of Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, to the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Congress.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary,Technology
Short week may see a dead cat bounce (Market Watch)
Markets behaved on expected lines and gained ground on the first two trading sessions of the week gone by. Thereafter it was the pain of seeing markets fall for the remaining three days. The net change for the week saw BSESENSEX lose 1,514.69 points or 2.49 per cent to close at 59,306.93 points while NIFTY lost 443.25 points or 2.45 per cent to close at 17,671.65 points.
Category: India, Maharashtra,Business/Economy,Opinion/Commentary
Glasgow Climate Change Summit (Opinion)
The upcoming Glasgow Summit will prove whether the global leaders are ready to put the entire mankind to peril or whether sagaciously they'll work out a roadmap to counter climate change effectively and wisely.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary
Myth and history: Back to where we started (Column: B-Town)
Mythology and history are staging a comeback on the big screen! After all, that is what we started our filmmaking with. The landmark films being Raja Harishchandra and Alam Ara. One thought the genres were lost to television forever. In fact, a couple of genres, like family soap operas aka family socials as well as mythological themes, which had their own captive audiences, were picked up by the television serial makers.
Category: India, New Delhi,Cinema/Showbiz,Bollywood,Opinion/Commentary
Naga Peace Talks, ex-babus and roadblock (Opinion)
To state that the Naga peace talks have hit a roadblock over the issue of Naga flag and a separate constitution is actually a half truth. If these twin issues today can derail the basic peace process that began in 1997, it may not be erroneous to suggest that the peace negotiations never took place all these years.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
After some cooling in markets, expect rebound in expiry week
Markets were under pressure last week and gave early warning signals on Monday, the first day of the week itself. BSESENSEX lost 484.33 points or 0.79 per cent to close at 60,821.62 points, while NIFTY lost 223.65 points or 1.22 per cent to close at 18,114.90 points. The broader indices saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 lose 1.80 per cent, 2.00 per cent and 2.34 per cent respectively.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
Kashmir: A battle that has been laid off for far too long
On October 22, 1947 Pakistan attacked the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It was the beginning of a conflict that would leave thousands dead and maimed and scar the lives of millions. It was also the start of a feud between India and Pakistan that continues to this day.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary
In soup over labour abuses in Africa, Beijing attacks US for funding anti-China stories (Opinion)
Engaged in a bitter slugfest with the US on economic, technological and strategic fronts, China is taking its fight with the US in the third country, especially Zimbabwe where the alleged expose by the African country's largest daily newspaper 'The Herald' is being used by Beijing to badger the US left, right and centre.
Category: India, Delhi,National,Indo-Pak/Pakistan,Opinion/Commentary
Chinese naval strategy's covert dimensions (Opinion)
Ever since Communist China came into existence in 1949, its belligerence over South China Sea ? SCS, has been increasing and some recent events have increased its hostility in the regional sea and towards its neighbour Taiwan. China claims almost all of the SCS covering roughly 3.5 million square kilometres, and its estimated 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 11 billion barrels of oil, in addition to maritime resources such as fish, as part of Chinese territory. Though the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague had firmly rejected China's sovereignty claim in 2016 but even five years after that ruling, China continues to reject the court's authority.
Category: India, New Delhi,Opinion/Commentary
Markets in euphoria, corrections are imminent
Markets were on a roll and continued to gain strongly in the four-day week which ended on Thursday. BSESENSEX gained 1,246.89 points or 2.08 per cent to close at 61,305.95 points while NIFTY gained 443.35 points or 2.48 per cent to close at 18,338.55 points. The broader markets saw BSE100, BSE200 and BSE500 gain 2.74 per cent, 2.69 per cent and 2.65 per cent respectively. BSEMIDCAP gained 3.34 per cent while BSESMALLCAP was up 1.92 per cent. In sectoral indices, BSEPOWER was up 6.82 per cent while BSEIT lost 1.98 per cent. In individual stocks, the top gainer was Tata Motors which gained Rs 114.50 or 29.90per cent to close at Rs 497.45. Tata motors has moved from Rs 275 on 23rd August to Rs 497.45 on 14th October, a gain of Rs 222.45 or 81 per cent in just about 7 weeks.
Category: India, New Delhi,National,Opinion/Commentary