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Historical Event on 11/2/1841

Akbar Khan revolts against Shah Shuja in Afghanistan.

Other Historical Dates and Events
6/26/1997India declares its chemical weapon stockpiles and storage facilities as part of its obligations as signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention.
11/16/1947Kamta Prasad ""Guru"" died at Jabalpur. He was renowned for his contribution in the field of Hindi Grammer. He was the editor of a monthly 'Saraswati' and 'Balasakha', children magaz
11/20/1907Railroad workers strike in India.
7/24/1997Country's highest civilian honour Bharat Ratna conferred on former interim Prime Minister Gulzarilal Nanda and posthumously on freedom-fighter Aruna Asaf Ali.
5/15/1998Pandit Ravi Shankar, Sitar maestro, receives the 1998 Polar music award.
3/11/1989In Bihar, a 13-member ministry headed by Satyendra Narain Sinha, MP, was sworn in.
1/2/1993Allahabad court allows 'darshan' at Ayodhya.
4/27/1878Calcutta University started Women's Education, and allowed women to appear in the Entrance Examination.
1/26/1876Railway route started between Mumbai and Calcutta.
2/11/1933The outcome of the conference was that diarchy in the province was abolished, federal system was established in the center, Sindh was separated from Bombay, communal awards were started by the Prime Minister of Britain Sir Ramsay McDonald and White Paper on Indian reforms was published in 1933.